PhD project “Material surface charges and their influence on cell physiology and morphology”

The initial phase of osteoblast adhesion on surfaces is influenced by a variety of parameters such as surface charges, electric fields and electromagnetic fields. The aim of the project is to elucidate the role, the interplay, and the effect of the localization of such parameters on cell biology. Our experimental approach is Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM), which allows to acquire the nanomorphology and relative ion concentration of live cells and their local environment. The research program of the group Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces is dedicated to unravel mechanisms and processes relevant in the coupling of solid, chemical, and biologic structures on the nanometre scale. Respective investigations require scanning probe microscopy (SPM) based approaches and their correlation with optical and electron spectroscopy.


  • Experiments Scanning Probe Microscopy and fluorescence microscopy of adhered live osteoblasts
  • Preparation and characterization of electrode and plasmonic surfaces
  • Interpretation, presentation, and manuscript preparation


  • Master’s degree in physics or a related discipline from a university,
  • preferentially experience in experimental research of nanostructures or biophysics